Driving to Courmayeur: Road connections to Courmayeur, Italy

Courmayeur is located just beyond Chamonix on the Italian side of Mont Blanc in the Aosta Valley (Italy).

If you are already in Italy, you can reach Courmayeur by the National Road 26 in the Valle d'Aosta and the highway A5 Turin-Aosta-Courmayeur.
From Milan it take approx. 2h30mins drive (220km) and from Turin approx. 1h30mins drive (150km).

To access Courmayeur from France, Switzerland and Northern Europe, the alternatives are the Mont Blanc Tunnel and the Gran San Bernardo Tunnel.
- If you are comimg from Geneva it takes approx. 1hr30mins (120km), taking the Blanche motorway (via Chamonix) followed by the Mont Blanc Tunnel.
- If you are coming from Martigny in Switzerland (65 km - 1h15mins approx.) take the Grand St. Bernard pass.
From UK - Courmayeur is not difficult to reach by car from the UK, it is approximately a 10 hour drive (normal conditions) on mainly motorway/highway driving from Calais through France via Chamonix and the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

During the summer season Courmayeur is also accessible by the Col de Gran San Bernard / Colle del Gran San Bernardo and the Col de Petit San Bernard / Colle del Piccolo San Bernard.

**If you are driving in winter time, don't forget the snow chains!
Highway A5 Turin-Aosta-Courmayeur - crossing Aosta Valley
Col Grand-Saint-Bernard
The Mont Blanc Tunnel (italian side)

For more information on the roads to Courmayeur:

RAV spa - Autostrada A5 (Highway Aosta - Mont Blanc)
Sede Secondaria e Direzione di Esercizio, Les Iles - Saint Pierre
+39 01 65 92 21 11

Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard et Le Tunnel du Grand-Saint-Bernard
SITRASB SpA, via Chambéry, 51, Aosta
+39 01 65 78 09 02

Col du Petit-Saint-Bernard

Via Alberto Bergamini, 50, Roma
Tel: 840 04 21 21

Il Traforo del Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc Tunnel)
GEIE-TMB, Piazzale Sud del Traforo del Monte Bianco, Courmayeur
Tel: +39 01 65 89 04 11