Courmayeur Fishing Information - Free water fishing

For those who enjoy fishing, the Aosta Valley has lots to offer. From the Baltea River, which flows throughout the whole valley, passing through streams and into several alpine lakes.
All information concerning periods for fishing, licenses and equipment will be published annually by the ​Regional Consortium for the Protection, Growth and Practice of Fishing.
There are also several fishing reserves with certain restrictions and these are mainly no-kill areas (compulsory release of the fish).  Most of the areas require a license and permission to fish.​

Fishing in the Dora Baltea river, Courmayeur
The map with the lakes and rivers for fishing in Courmayeur
Fishing in the Dora Baltea river, Courmayeur

Some areas where fishing is popular:

The Torrent Buthier Valpelline, a special fishing reserve open from beginning of May, offers the possibility to choice Nokill techniques both with Fly and Spinning. The fishing reserve starts from Ru Pompillard-Prailles to Champette-Valpelline. Fishing is permitted from May 1st to the second Sunday of October.

Val Ferret - From May until November, you can fish the stretches of the mountain stream where fishing is permitted. Catch some species of char, steelhead trout and brook trout, all of high quality and generous dimensions. In the protected stretches of the stream, you may find precious species such as the Mediterranean trout and marble trout.

Pila - fishing is possible at Chamolé lake (2325m) - a license and permission is required to fish at the lake.

Cogne: The Urtier and Grand Eyvia rivers offer exciting fresh water fishing or the quieter location of lake Lillaz with its wild backdrop.

Type of fish:  variety of trout (brown, rainbow, steelhead, brook etc)