Tor de Géants: Endurance Trail of Aosta Valley

Run at the foot of the highest peaks in the Alps:  the Month Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn - 'the four giants' of the Alps linking the Alta Via no.1 - Alta Via dei Giganti and the Alta Via no.2 - Alta Via Naturalista in the Aosta Valley/Valle d'Aosta. Over a distance of 330km covering a total positive altitude of 24,000m and within a time limit of 150hours. 

Tor des Géants - part of the path
Tor des Géants - Start 2012
Tor des Géants - Start 2010
The map of the Tor des Géants

The Tor des Géants ('the tour of the giants') is the worlds toughest endurance trail in terms of altitude and distance.

The race covers the entire Aosta Valley region through spectacular paths, crossing 25 mountain passes at over 2,000m with only a small rucksack and a time limit of 150hours.  Weather conditions can be very difficult and the race requires a good level of fitness and the appropriate equipment. The race usually takes place in the beginning of September starting and finishing in Courmayeur - Mont Blanc.

Distance:  330km

Altitude:  24,000m +

Time Limit:  150hours

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