Trail Runners Club in Courmayeur

The ASD Trailers Courmayeur was officially established in March 2006. It was the passion and motivation that pushed Giorgio Simonetti to create this club a few years ago. All started when they collaborated in the organization of the hugely popular "The North Face Ultratrail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)". 

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After that, the Trailers de Courmayeur become a true element of the Italian trail, pushing and organizing events such as:
- Grantrail Valdigne,
- Arrancabirra,
- Winter Eco Trail
The organization of these events has not prevented the association to lose sight of what is its purpose, ie aggregation, to encourage the practice of outdoor sports, the trail, this has meant that within a few years the number of registered members grew exponentially, up to settle the number of 140!
This success is not to be found only on the territory of Courmayeur, but also infects the neighboring towns of Valdigne, borders and even outside of Aosta Valley and gathers friends and supporters of various age groups.

For more information:

Via stadio del ghiaccio 2 - 11013 Courmayeur(AO)
Casella postale 178 - Italy