Arrancabirra Trail with beer in the Aosta Valley

A fancy dress beer race!

In the world of trail some races are deemed by their length or difficulty, but the Arrancabirra 18km race (and 1,370 m of elevation gain) is not made to impress - the specificity is elsewhere. 

Phot of 2011 Arrancabirra Trail race
Arrancabirra: drink beer and run!!!
After the race, the party goes on and on: Arrancabirra

Organised by the Courmayeur Trailers Committee, the Arrancabirra is a festive, trail running race where the clock is as important as sunglasses are for running at night. The Arracabirra... the only race in the world where you can warm up in a pub!

The principle is very simple: a small 18km mountain walk with six refuelling stops where beer is served to the contestants.  Each stop = one beer. Pee breaks are of course allowed and fortunately the final part of the route from the Bertone refuge is a winding 760m descent.
A very festive event which takes place in Courmayeur - Aosta Valley during the autumn.


For more information:

Via Stadio del Ghiaccio 2 - 11013 Courmayeur (AO)
Casella postale 178 - Italy
(+39) 01 65 84 68 35