Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc - Routes and Itineraries

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is a 180km circular trail, incorporating three Alpine countries: France, Italy and Switzerland, around the base of the Mont Blanc. You can start the hike in Courmayeur going anti-clockwise around the Mont Blanc massive and staying in mountain refuges along the way, experiencing alpine climbs, and all weather conditions.

Hiking the Mont Blanc Tour
Tour du Mont Blanc Hike - Val Ferret
Tour du Mont Blanc sign on a rock
Mont Blanc - Lacs Jovets 2220m

The maximum altitude on the route is 2,584m and the total elevation is approximately 10,600m. A typical Tour du Mont Blanc takes approximately 6-11 days to complete and offers the hiker incredible breathtaking views, unsurpassed beauty, and spectacular alpine scenery.

The trek is suitable for persons with a good level of fitness, experienced and novice walkers. There are no technical climbing areas and involves approximatly 6-8hours of hiking each day. Not ideal for children.

Terrain: Good mountain passes with some rockier and looser sections, some cables and ladders, glacier valleys, meadows and lush forests.

When to go? In general, Mont Blanc mountain huts and refuges are open from mid-June until the first or second week in September. Early in the season is the quietest and most beautiful but beware of old snow on the higher paths which could be icy and dangerous and would make an ice-axe essential.

Where to stay? Stay in mountain huts & refuges, hotels or camping sites depending on which route you take. It is advisable to reserve a bed, particularly in the high season of mid July to mid August.

What to take?

  • Travel light - keep your backpack as light as possible
  • Good lightweight hiking boots and shorts are sufficient as long as there are warm clothes in your backpack
  • Waterproofs are essential and trekking poles useful
  • Don't forget your hat, sunglasses, skin and lip protection. Check our section of sports clothes & equipment rental
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Always carry drinking water
  • Hire a trek leader or mountain guide

Maps for the Tour of Mont Blanc: French IGN Top25 3630OT , French IGN Top25 3531ET.