Ciclotour: From Courmayeur to Val Ferret

The Courmayeur Ciclotour begins in Courmayeur and ends in Val Ferret (Arnouva) with a distance of 14.8 kilometers and an altitude gain of 565m.

Courmayeur Ciclotour track - from Courmayeur to Val Ferret (Arnouva)
Courmayeur Ciclotour - elevations and timings

The Ciclotour pass through the following:-
- Courmayeur - the beginning of the route at an altitude of 1,200m
- Mont Blanc Tunnel / Val Ferret - at the 4.2 km at 1,345m altitude
- Planpincieux - at the 6.7 km at 1,580m altitude
- Lavachey - at the 10.9 km at 1630m altitude
- Arnouva - end of the route at 14.8km at 1765m altitude

The Ciclotour Courmayeur - Val Ferret (Arnouva) is recommended from 1st of May to 31st of October.  During the winter months there is too much snow.