Tor des Geants review of the 2012 edition

The third edition of the Tor des Geants ended with a closing ceremony full of emotions and in a good mood. The 392 finishers crossed the center of Courmayeur in a good ambiance and to become a finisher!Because in this kind of long distance race, simply finishing the Tor des Geants is an amazing feature!

It all started on Sunday, September 9th at 10am, under a bright sun, where they were originally 629 runners. Then the race had two difficult moments with 2 momentary stops. The first, from Tuesday night to Wednesday, due to a landslide after Barmasse refuge and the second, on Wednesday 12th,due to winter conditions above 3000m.

Oscar Perez won the race with the fastest time ever in the history of Tor des Geants: 75 hours and 56 minutes.

3rd Edition of Tor de Geants Courmayeur 2012