New Funivie del Monte Bianco cableway opening!

The new cableway system connecting Courmayeur and Pointe Helbronner will be soon inaugurated! The construction of the "two-section" cable which started in 2011 will be ready for the big opening this spring.

Courmayeur: Cable Car Opening 2015
Helbronner panoramic view

The new cable cars, that will replace the old ones, will climb to Pointe Helbronner in two segments along a new line. They will be equipped with a system that will allow them to rotate, offering visitors a true 360° view of the whole area. A round terrace of 14 meters diameter will be constructed,  offering a 360 degree view of Mont Blanc’s peak, of the Dent du Géant and of the extraordinary Vallée Blanche. More,  the new facilities will be constructed mainly in steel and glass, with spacious panoramic areas at the stations and rotating spherical glass cable cars. A great opportunity for all visitors to enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the Mont Blanc Massif!

And that's not all! Good news for travelers: the new Funivie del Monte Bianco cableway will have a much higher carrying capacity, thus eliminating the long lines that can often go on for hours, and, thanks to improved comfort, will provide for a much more pleasant transport experience to Europe’s highest peak.