Val Veny, South of Courmayeur, Aosta Valley

Val Veny is located south of Courmayeur between Miage and Brenva glaciers.  The Baltea River runs through the valley and on the south side of the Val Veny near Courmayeur lies Checrouit Lake (at 2165 m above sea level).  This valley is the starting point of the Italian route of the Mont Blanc
You can visit the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame de la Guérison, at the entrance of the Veny valley, where the Virgin is believed to have the power to cure illnesses.
Val Veny landscape
Val Veny Valley
Val Veny Lake

In summer Val Veny is very popular for its beautiful paths for hiking and climbing.  Shelters and camps can be found in the valley. 

The valley is inaccessible during the winter but you can take Vale Veney cableway and ski down to Col Checrouit.

Val Veny it's also very known for its Ski Resort.