Courmayeur Museums: Info about Museums in Courmayeur

Aosta Valley gives you a lot of choices when it comes to museums and galeries.
You can start by visiting the Museo Alpino in the centre of Courmayeur. The Alpine Museum tells the history of the guides of Courmayeur and their great expeditions.  The museum can be found in the House of the Alpine Guides in Courmayeur.
Museo Alpino - The history of Courmayeur guides
The Duke of Abruzzi Alpine Museum
If you are interested in exploring the Haute-Savoie and Aosta Valley identity, you should visit the Museo Transfrontaliero, in the heart of Courmayeur, a 'cross-border museum of Mont Blanc' .
You can also visit the MAV | Museo dell'Artigianato Valdostano (Valdôtain Handicraft Museum) twhich hosts a collection over 700 works, typical of the alpine pastoral economy, to show the evolution of the traditional Aosta Valley handicrafts.  The museum is the meeting point between the Valdôtain handicrafts history and the artisans of nowadays.
Observatory & Panetarium in Saint-Barthélemy
The Astronomical Observatory of the Aosta Valley opened in 2003 and in 2008 a Planetarium was added to the project.  There is also a weather station. State-of-the-art equipment and the variety of instruments at the observatory means that scientific research, teaching activities for schools and information activities for the general public can be carried out, even simultaneously.  The Sun Observatory ensures that these activities are possible both by day and by night.  Situated at Saint-Barthélemy in the Aosta Valley for the reason that this area has at least 250 cloudless nights a year. The minimal light pollution and low atmospheric turbulence make it an ideal site for astronomy.  Saint-Barthélemy in the Aosta Valley's mountains is 1.600 metres above sea level and roughly 15 kms from the town of Nus. The village lies on a naturally formed "balcony" and has some of Europe's highest mountains: Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, and the Matterrhorn all within a 40 km radius.
For more information:
Museo Alpino
Strada Villair 2, Courmayeur (Italy)
(+39) 01 65 84 20 64
Museo Transfrontaliero
Via Puchoz, 4, Courmayeur (Italy)
(+39) 01 65 83 13 11
MAV | Museo dell'Artigianato Valdostano
86, Hameau Chez Sapin - Fénis (Italy)
(+39) 01 65 76 39 12
The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.
1 Oct to 31 Mar: 10h - 17h
1 Apr to 30 Sep: 10h - 18h
1 Nov to 24 Jan: CLOSED
Saint-Barthélemy · Loc. Lignan, 39, 11020 Nus (AO)
+39 0165 77 00 50
Visit the Observatory
Guided visits by reservation only: every day except Sunday's and Monday's
SUMMER - April till September - Opening Times:  Daytime: 16:30 & Evenings: 21:30
WINTER - October till May - Opening Times: Daytime: 15:00 & Evenings: 21:00
Visit the Planetarium
WINTER - April till September - Every Saturday at 15:00 & 18:00
SUMMER - October till March - Every Saturday at 16:30 & 18:00
In July, August and September, the Planetarium will be open also on Sunday 16:30 & 18:00