Courmayeur Arts & Crafts: Aosta Valley Traditional Handicrafts

The traditional handicraft of Aosta Valley exposes the union between man and nature and the strong influence of the mountains. The artisan puts his savoir-faire and his personality and the environment and nature provides the materials and the inspiration.
The nature here is made of opposites. On one hand everything is beautiful, amazing mountains, forests, pastures, flowers and waterfalls, on the other hand we have the toughness and the difficulty of the cliffs, the cold, the ice, the sharp rocks...
The handicrafts of this land inherits the knowledge, the techniques, the beliefs and the legends of Alpine civilization.
Don't miss the Valdostan craft market, at Easter time, that fills the streets of the city center of Courmayeur - Mont Blanc with more than 300 tents, showcasing the best of local crafts. The La Paquerette Fair is a celebration of the end of winter, that celebrates the beginning of spring.
In the market you will find many interesting objects: wood and stone objects for home and garden; clothes made in 'Drap', characteristic of the original Valgrisenche fabric; wooden clogs; toys, forged iron.
Typically the fair opens with a parade, with the Courmayeur - La Salle band.
Another fair is the FIHA DI-S-ARTISAN fair is held in August and it is a very strong event in Valsavarenche. The Fiha-s-Artisan, this is its original name, exposes objects created by artisans who live in the mountain community of Gran Paradiso. Each worker receives participation award. There are eight categories of crafts submitted to competition: sculpture, carving, basketry, textiles, flowers (wood flowers and dried flowers), toys, household items and non-traditional works.
Pré-Saint-Didier has two fairs: the Fiera dell'Artigianato Femminile ant the Foire des Glaciers.
The Fiera dell'Artigianato Femminile is an exhibition and sale of handicrafts, artistic products and typical enogastronomy made by women from Aosta Valley. You can see and buy here the best productions of the craft and hobbyste residents in Aosta Valley. Here you find traditional works, non-traditional and food.
Frequently the Foire des Glaciers opens the winter season of the Aosta Valley. The event takes place in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. In this Pre-Saint-Didier fair, artisans from all over the Valley come together.
This is also a gastronomic gathering. Here you can appreciate the typical food of the region.
The event takes place on December 30, between 9am and 6pm.
Aosta Crafts - Masks, Sabots, the Grolla (wine chalice), Valgrisenche fabrics
For more information:
Comune di Courmayeur - Foire de la Paquerette
Viale Monte Bianco, 40
(+39) 01 65 83 13 11
Comune di La Thuile - Fiera dell'Artigianato Tipico Valdostano
Via Marcello Collomb n.3
(+39) 01 65 88 41 08
Comune di Valsavarenche - Fiha di-s-Artisan
Pro-Loco di Valsavarenche, Loc. Dégioz, 52
(+39) 01 65 90 57 03
Comune di Pré-Saint-Didier - Fiera dell'Artigianato Femminile and Foire des Glaciers
P.zza Vittorio Emanuele II, n°14
(+39) 01 65 86 87 11
Valle d'Aosta Tourism
Piazza Porta Praetoria, 3
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Comune di Valtournenche - Lo Pequieu Martze' de Votornentze
P.zza della Chiesa, 1
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